The WWWorkshop: A quick creative workshop for everyone

What is the WWWorkshop?

If you're a designer, then you know how important it is to stay creative. At Inktrap, that is what the Wonderful Weekly Workshop (WWWorkshop) is all about.

Every week as a studio we take time to flex our creative muscles and come up with a range of outcomes to a design challenge in Figma – all in just 30 minutes. Each week someone on the team will come up with a design challenge based either on an idea they have or by using the handy WWWorkshop Idea Generator tool –

How it works

The setup is simple, with a core rule being not to take it too seriously. Challenges and their outcomes should be quick, fun, and simple. For example the one week we could look at redesigning TikTok in a Renaissance period style and the next we could be re-branding fast food companies but in a high-end fashion style.

Once we have our challenge, it's time to get designing! The team separates to focus on designing their outcome using whatever plugins, stock imagery, or fonts that they have at their disposal. Once the timer is up, we'll discuss the designs and give friendly feedback on what we liked about each outcome.

The WWWorkshop is a great way to learn new Figma tricks, stay creative, and most importantly - have some fun with the team!

Some of our Highlights

Punk Motivational Poster

80's Inspired Notes App Rebrand

Rebrand a Classic Ice Cream

Website Landing Page for a Planet

Child’s Storybook App

So if you are ever feeling creatively stuck, or just fancy a bit of fun then start your own WWWorkshop or get in touch if you would like to join ours to see what you can come up with in just 30 minutes.

And remember if you are stuck for a design challenge you can always rely on the WWWorkshop Idea Generator to help you get started.

Let's get started

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