Generative AI that works for you

In a year where hype around AI has skyrocketed, we've applied the technology where it makes a practical difference – enhancing the products we develop for our clients and streamlining our production processes.

Our proven approach is all about applying the right tech in the right places to make smarter, more efficient solutions tailored to your users and business goals.

Always user-centred

We begin by understanding your unique challenges. This ensures our AI solutions are not just innovative but perfectly aligned with your specific needs.

Ethical and secure implementation

We prioritise user experience, data security, and scalability, ensuring our AI solutions are responsible and built for the long term.

Iterative development approach

We adopt an iterative development process, allowing for continuous refinement based on real-world feedback.

Outcome focused

Ultimately, it's about the impact. Whether through AI or the best non-AI alternatives, our goal is to deliver value to your product.

Zeidler Group

We developed zBot with Zeidler Group, an experimental chatbot for answering common questions about fund registration and maintenance requirements.


We've recently helped the Farillio team design and integrate a ChatGPT-based AI assistant into the platform, to work alongside human interaction tools.

Our experiments with AI

We've not only embraced AI for client projects but have also been pioneering in-house innovations that showcase our experimental spirit.

Summarise as you browse with Digest

Leveraging a refined LLM, we developed Digest, a Chrome plugin that summaries online content.

Recognising the inefficiency of skim-reading in research, our plugin boosts your information intake by delivering succinct summaries of any text.

Practical prompts to enhance your product design workflow

Our comprehensive ChatGPT guide outlines how to create impactful prompts that leverage AI to enhance creativity and efficiency in your workflows.

It’s perfect for innovation and product managers, or anyone in the digital product domain. Download to start learning today!

Custom GPTs to increase efficiency and quality

Our team is always experimenting with new GPTs. We're actively using custom solutions for:

  • Writing and planning content internally and for clients
  • Generating sample data for UX/UI mockups
  • Analysing images to produce captions

Have an idea for a GPT but not sure how to get started? Let's chat.

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To AI or not to AI?

At Inktrap, we’re pragmatic about AI. Our first step is always to understand the problem you're trying to solve. Then we evaluate if AI is the right tool for the job.

When AI fits, we use it to craft solutions that are innovative yet practical. If not, we find the best non-AI approach. Our goal is to add real value to your product.

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Photo of James Keal, co-founder at Inktrap

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