Introducing Inktrap’s Digital Sustainability Toolkit

It is a common misconception that websites and digital products don’t have much of an environmental impact, however, the ICT industry is responsible for between 2-3% of global greenhouse gas emissions - that’s more than the entire global aviation industry! Here at Inktrap, when we decided we wanted to understand more about the carbon footprint of digital products, and what can be done to reduce it, we struggled to find a comprehensive resource to help us get started, so we decided to create an all-in-one tool for people who care about the impact of their digital environmental impact.

After lots of research, interesting conversations with people who work in sustainability based roles and some great conferences, we have produced the Digital Sustainability Toolkit. This is a free resource that Inktrap have created to help people and organisations understand the core factors that contribute to digital carbon footprints and how they can reduce them.

We’ve split the information into four distinct categories: Design & Content, Development, Project Management and Hosting to make it easier for team members to find the information that is directly relevant to them. For each category we have also recommended some great resources to help kick start your journey to more sustainable digital products.

Check out the toolkit here!

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