Improve your design workflow with ChatGPT

Our short guide explores how ChatGPT can be applied in product design and provides strategies to make the most of its current capabilities.

Whether you’re fine-tuning workflows, seeking innovative solutions, or aiming to better understand user needs, this guide provides insights on how you can start collaborating with ChatGPT in your design process.

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Two pages from our guide to using ChatGPT for design projects.

What the guide covers

What you need to know about ChatGPT

Understand the basics - foundations, ChatGPT Plus subscription benefits and key considerations for using ChatGPT responsibly in product design.

Practical applications in product design

Explore tips and practical ways to integrate ChatGPT into your design workflows.

Discover how ChatGPT can enhance creativity and efficiency with examples of its application in various product design tasks.

Crafting effective prompts

Learn the nuances of communicating with ChatGPT and gain insights into crafting precise prompts.

We’ll cover prompt components, some prompt patterns and tips on how to get the best results from your interactions.

Advanced capabilities

We’ll touch on a few new ChatGPT features like plugins and GPTs and how you can explore them to further enhance your design process and creative output.

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