We make delightfully productive digital products for high-growth businesses

We’ve all used a product that sucks, right? It doesn’t work how you expect and it’s a pain to get anything done.

That’s what we’re on a mission to fix. We figure out practical solutions to make your product delightfully productive for your users.

A fantastic user experience means happier customers and a healthier business.

Product missions

We help you to define, design and build a new product or feature in as little as 12 weeks.

  • User research and concept validation
  • UX and UI design
  • Full-stack development (React, Typescript, Tailwind, and Laravel)

Embedded experts

We partner with your team and provide direct access to our expert designers and developers.

  • London-based design and development expertise
  • Minimal project management overhead
  • Simple and predictable invoicing

Meet ProductOS, our proven production process

Having created digital products for over 10 years, we know how to make them a success. Our tried and tested process combines years of best practice with the best parts of agile methodology to help us deliver products efficiently.

ProductOS flow diagram. Kick-off, define, design, Build, Review.

Our values are the core of everything we do

We’re problem solvers

We make products that solve real business problems. They look great doing it too, but function comes first.

We put people first

People are at the core of everything, whether they’re a user of your product or a member of our team.

We take pride in our work

We pay attention to the details, and make sure things are done right, not just done.

We’re open and honest

We’re honest about our opinions, and transparent in how we work. We value fairness, clarity and integrity.

We protect the planet

The planet is burning and we have a duty to protect it. We work to reduce the environmental impact of our business.

Inktrap have been fast, efficient, fun, and made light work of accurately interpreting our brand, vision and aspirations. We see them as an ongoing part of our team

Merlie Calvert

Founder at Farillio, and Inktrap client for over 5 years

James Keal

Chat with James about your project

Book in a 15 minute chat with our co-founder (and product design expert) to discuss how we could collaborate on your product.